When I was feeling….MEH

It is Mother’s Day. I should feel happy with all my family members intact. But I carried the weight of these worries and disappointment:

  1. My disappointment that my family did not prepare me a breakfast meal. Instead I got strawberries dipped in chocolate.
  2. I was not asked where I want to eat lunch, instead I got a savory crepe for a meal.
  3. I was expecting to get to do what I want the rest of the afternoon, but instead they clean up the room and do the laundry to prepare for my brother visiting and staying at our place.
  4. My mind is thinking about co-worker problems, instead of lifting it up to God in prayer.


Reminding myself that No Expectations means No Disappointments! I took away my families’s joy with my emotional pity party.  As Linda Dillow said, “Worry doesn’t empty tomorrow of it’s sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”


Minnan Hua 

Minnan hua or Southern Min (閩南話 bân-lâm-ōe) is the Chinese dialect of the Southern part of Fujian province, the area around Xiamen and Quanzhou. A variant is widely spoken in Taiwan where it is referred to as Taiwanese (臺彎話 tâi-oan-ōe). Another variant is also spoken widely in the Philippines where it is referred to as Lan Nang Oe (咱人話 lán-lâng-ōe). In Singapore, Malaysia and Medan, the Minnan dialects excluding Teochew are called Hokkien (福建話 hok-kiàn-ōe), the Minnan pronunciation of ‘Fujian’.

faith and junior high school



-picture taken during a stop over after two college visits in Santa Cruz, California

This year that she starts driving, she is gaining her independence and freedom,  more changes comes fast and furious. The year ahead is pivotal as she spends her last year with me by my side.  I want to make the most of it!  Lord,  you know I want to be the mom you created me to be. 

Show me how and what to pray, how to lead her with gentleness and kindness.